What’s happening in the lab?

The lab

This last month has been about setting up the infrastructure of the lab – furniture, internet access, WiFi, printer, network storage, etc.

On the furniture front, I’ve been a frequent visitor at the local university surplus where I’ve picked up multiple tables, a couch section, end table, equipment rack, and several smaller items.

I now have cable internet set up and chose the Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Mesh Router for WiFi and network routing. So far I just have the base station and haven’t added any of the mesh nodes, it seems to cover the area quite well with just the base station.

Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Router

So now I get to come in every day and decide what I want to learn about or work on. Lately it’s been video production. If that pans out perhaps you’ll see more on the YouTube channel soon. Stay tuned!

OzarkCon 2019

I recently attended OzarkCon 2019 in Branson, Missouri.

What is OzarkCon? It’s the annual meeting of the Four States QRP Group. For more info on 4SQRP try 4sqrp.com.

What is QRP? It is a ham radio term for operating at low transmit power levels, normally 5 watts or less.

Why is it called QRP? QRP is one of the ham radio “Q” codes that means reduce your transmit power. You can find more information on “Q” codes at this link.

This was my first time at OzarkCon and I really enjoyed it! It’s a great group and there were talks on a wide variety of subjects.

Check out the video at https://youtu.be/EZFg_DH-XCk